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Here you order moving boxes cheaply

No move without boxes! These cardboard comrades carry all possessions from books to dishes to clothes – provided that someone is found to carry them. And after the move, the children turn it into fortresses, spaceships or sailing boats. But where can you order boxes at a reasonable price and in sufficient numbers?

Movement boxes, adhesive tape, moving packaging and more:

Contact multitransport.ch! Our range of services not only includes moving assistance and apartment cleaning, we also supply you with the necessary packing and upholstery equipment. Our range includes a wide variety of moving boxes, depending on what you intend to put in them:

  • Bookcases
  • Folder boxes
  • Dress cardboards
  • glass cartons
  • Linen or crockery boxes.

In addition, there are padding materials such as felt blankets, tissue paper and bubble wrap, mattress covers, adhesive tape and labels – either for labelling yourself or with the imprint “Fragile”.

multitransport.ch: A service that has no equal

Place an online order for packaging materials and cartons today if you want to prepare for an upcoming move! Simply select what you need and place your delivery order with one mouse click. You’ll see: At multitransport.ch moving boxes are delivered quickly and cheaply.

Order packaging material and moving cartons

    I order the following articles:

    Book Cardboard 50x33x36cm
    Unit Price 3.50
    Folder Carton 60x40x35cm
    Unit Price 4.50
    Laundry / Dishes Cardboard small 50x50x36cm
    Unit Price 5.00
    Laundry / Dishes Cardboard large 50x50x72cm
    Unit Price 7.50
    Dress Cardboard With Bar 50x50x135cm
    Unit Price 25.00
    Glass Box (25 Glasses/ Bottles) 50x50x36cm
    Unit Price 8.00
    Tissue Paper 1kg
    Unit Price 6.90
    Air Cushion Foil, per meter, 1m wide
    Unit Price 3.00
    Tape Roll 5cmx60m
    Unit Price 4.00
    Protective Felt Covers 150x250cm
    Unit Price 9.00
    Mattresse Cover Big
    Unit Price 10.00
    Mattresse Cover Small
    Unit Price 6.00
    Labels: FRAGILE
    Unit Price 1.00 | 8 Labels per Sheet
    Labels to label yourself
    Unit Price 1.00 | 8 Labels per Sheet
    Delivery of Packaging Items in the City of Zurich
    Unit Price 40.00 within the Zurich City Limits

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